Rupununi Hospitality

Get to know our home and our way of life

The nine lodges sprinkled across the Rupununi are community- and family-run businesses that focus on small-scale, no-frills, personalized hospitality. Most of our lodges have fewer than 8 rooms and offer all-inclusive accommodation (a must, given the remote corners they occupy) as well as access to a small team of local guides, naturalists, caretakers, and (in some cases) scientific staff.

Economic benefits generated by three Amerindian-run community tourism projects – Surama, Maipaima, and Rewa – directly fund community projects such as education, training, and health services in the neighboring villages. Every lodge is deeply connected to the surrounding community, offering direct economic and professional-training benefits in a place where there are few jobs aside from mining, timber, or poaching. In a very real sense, every visitor visiting the Rupununi has an important role in preserving the livelihoods and quality of life for the people who call this place home.

Atta Rainforest Lodge


Caiman House Field Station


Dadanawa Ranch


Iwokrama River Lodge


Karanambu Lodge


Maipaima Eco-Lodge


Rewa Eco-Lodge


Rock View Lodge


Surama Eco-Lodge