Finding Your Way

Directions for the curious traveller

Chances are you won’t need to navigate much while you’re visiting Guyana… most guests take advantage of local ground and river transport organized by their guides and lodges. This is a good thing since none of roads in this area are sealed and in many cases they’re little more than infrequently used cattle trails hidden in the brush. Seasonal rain and flooding can transform even the best sections of our laterite roads road into huge mud pits. In all cases you’ll be happy to leave the driving to a seasoned, local hero.

Nonetheless, it’s good to know where things are located in proximity to each other as you sort out your path of travel. Use our “subway” style map to get a feel for a logical progression across the territory, or the GoogleMap to zoom in to see more realistic features.

Getting from Georgetown to the Rupununi

Cross-country coach service (“IntraServ”) ceased operations in 2012 so getting from Georgetown to our neck of the woods requires an 8-16 hour bone-crushing overnight minivan ride or a 90 minute flight on a local bush airline. In purely cash terms, the minivan service is less expensive than flying and luggage limits are far less restrictive… but it’s the kind of adventure some will find tedious rather than exhilarating.

If you’re flying in on daily TransGuyana Cessna Caravan service, you will land at Surama (by special arrangement) Annai/Rock View Lodge, Karanambu, or Lethem. Charter flights can also land at Fair View Village, a few minutes away from Iwokrama.

Getting around the Rupununi

Your lodge can make arrangements for ground and/or river transport to your next destination. There are only a handful of vehicles in this area so making your arrangements well in advance is strongly advised. Most vehicles are well-worn 4X4’s without air conditioning, and fuel and maintenance costs result in prices considerably higher than most people expect.